strats and tips

in this piece of website im gonna give you some tips and explan some terms that some players gonna say to you.

Rush:if a player says rush to you he wants you to goto that spot rush b you need to move form you spawn to b site as fast as possible.

camp/camper:if somebody tells you this he means stay still or wait for the enemy to push.camper is not a kind thing to say it means that you let your teammates down that are rushing.

noob: if somebody calls you a noob. it is not a compliment. he says that your not good in the game. not reacting is the best thing you can do.

pro: If somebody calls you pro that is a big compliment it means that you are good in the game. react with ty(thank you) or just say nothing.

baiter: Baiter is a common word to use, but not many people actually know what it means. if somebody calls you this he says that you let him die just to get a kill.

eco-round: if your team wants to do an eco round you dont buy anything. because of this start the next round you have enough money to buy a good gun